How we support you

Our shamanic services are rooted in a broadened understanding of our world. We see it as a system in which all is interconnected: humans, nature, technology, business and health. We capture the topics / challenges of our clients not only as single items that shall be solved as efficient as possible, but we are on the look out for the context, for alliances and dependencies and constellations that influence the topics.  We access and grasp information on multiple levels whereas some of them are non traceable for most. We utilize energies and know-how in combination with a high level of intuition to seek sustainable, efficient and valuable solutions for our business (biz) clients that allow them to evolve and thrive. 

Intuitive Coaching


Utilizing shamanic practices, we enrich the coaching setting with information and healings gained from our connection with spirits. Based on your current situations, challenges and questions we connect with our guidance with the purpose to restore the holistic and integrative balance in your work and overall life situation.. 

Intuition based solution finding for business


One day workshop to build unique & creative solution for your business challenges.

Gain / outcome for participants

  • Larger picture and expanded perception of business situation / organizational system
  • Answer to a business question they have
  • Targeted insights on own challenge
  • Inspirations & motivation
  • Refreshed power to tackle inherent as well as exceptional challenges
  • Tangible object / memory of insights – self-created (image / logo/ object….)
  • Alternative skill set to perceive a situation – access to sacred wisdom 

Please contact us for a group speific setting.