To work as shamanic healer is not just an assignment from 9 to 5 but one that encompasses the whole life. It’s on one hand the social function to be the translator and mediator in-between the ordinary reality and the extended non-ordinary one. Being in contact with nature’s elements, spirits, ancestors, ascended masters and many more identity that do not have a physical body on earth, is also a path of service, humbleness, responsibility, scarifies and acceptance. One calls shamans that 'see with the heart from the heart' and it needs that you are ALL you can be. 

In a nutshell: it's living & acting from the heart. 

Can you choose to be a shaman? No you can’t. You are either born a shaman, or you are not. If the spirits want you, there is nothing you can do, and if the spirits don’t want you there is likewise nothing you can do. No spirits equals no shamans. The most important teachers of a shaman therefore are the spirits. Without the spirits a shaman is nothing, and the spirits teach the shaman, who becomes their apprentice.


Kathrin M. Wyss - Your holistic Change Agent


My extensive education program in health care, management, communication, coaching and training parallels my business career. The corporate career path however, was ultimately not fulfilling my greater desire to persistently work with people in the interest of a holistic understanding of health. I started my own coaching company in 2004, and since then it has evolved into a boutique change agency with affiliates in Switzerland and California. I work as an executive coach, trainer, and change management specialist supporting individuals and businesses of all levels (from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations) to implement change in a positive, enriching and sustainable manner.

My primary focus is to cultivate and support balance and success on both individual and social levels. I strongly believe that the health of the individual and the health of their environment are directly linked. Each informs and influences the other. Aside from my knowledge, experience, and intuition, I utilize principles of neuroscience and mindfulness to provide solution-based approaches for my clients. I’m truly fascinated by human beings and I consider myself an expert at figuring out what people and organizations truly need, rather than what they think they want.

While I began my career with a focus on the more physical aspects of health working as pharmacist, I gradually moved to a more holistic assessment of sucess and balance by taking care of healthy business environments through working with leaders in various organizations.  As the spiritual aspects in my life grew stronger I started to enrich my work with the healing power of the shamanic principles and formalizing my setting in 2015 by establishment the business in the US as a way of being closer to my spiritual ancestors, and creating the BizShamanTM concept.

More about my path you'll find in the book: Dare to Trust - Spirits@work  








‘A company is a living breathing system and it is made up of living breathing individuals. When each individual is nurtured and encouraged to work to their full, creative capacity the company system flourishes and everyone benefits’.

Honoring that principle, we are in regular exchange with business consultants that honor a more holistic and considered notion of prosperity and tackling business challenges.