How we support you

We often are talking about the problem and its symptoms, but to really create change it starts with inquiring into the deeper structural and systemic issues that make us re-enact the same problems. 

Our shamanic services are rooted in a broadened understanding of our world. We access and grasp information on multiple levels whereas some of them are non traceable for most. We utilize energies and know-how in combination with a high level of intuition to seek sustainable, efficient and valuable solutions for our clients that allow them to evolve and thrive. 

Services are provided on the base of a monetary exchange, which supports us in this work, and also expresses your commitment to your own healing, and gratitude to the compassionate spirits.

Please use this link to book a session. Charges only apply if during the session a healing is indicated. 

Get back into your own power

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In the Core Shamanic world view, there are three primary spiritual causes of illness that can be addressed with Shamanic healing methods:

  • Power Loss
  • Soul Loss
  • Spiritual Intrusions

We provide shamanic healing including soul retrieval, extraction, shamanic divination and power animal retrieval. We also offer individual journeying instruction, mentoring as well as shamanic business consulting. You are free and able at any time to discontinue the work. All the work is performed with the guidance of compassionate helping spirits. 

Process: We first will discuss the issues for which you are seeking help. After consulting with the helping spirits for guidance as to how best to proceed, we will seek your permission to perform the services they recommend. If the spirits indicate no services are appropriate at this time, the session will be discontinued with no obligation.

What is Power Animal Retrieval

A power animal retrieval is a shamanic method used to connect us to helping spirits that show themselves in the form of an animal.  These helping spirits can provide us, our family, our community and even an organization or country with power, protection, and support.

A power animal retrieval can help restore personal, family, community, and organizational power.  In shamanic cultures, it’s considered to be healthier and more beneficial to live a life with deep connections to our power animals.  Power animals are one of many potential helping spirits that we enter into spiritual relationships with.

What is Extractions Healing

Cause of many spiritual illness in the Core Shamanic belief is the existence of intrusions of inappropriate or negative energies that have taken up residence in the body. These intrusions interfere with the normal functioning of the Spirit body and need to be removed through the practice of Shamanic Extraction Healing.

Intrusions can become lodged within our bodies via conscious or unconscious thought projections. Intrusions are more able to take hold when there has been loss of power or if the Soul is fragmented and depleted through Soul Loss. They can have a strong negative effect on the Spiritual body, but they can just as easily be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self-talk and poor self-image, or from living in a Spiritually toxic environment. 

What is Soul Retrieval

If we think of the Soul as being like a flock of birds, we understand how the loss of parts   of the whole can weaken the system, making it more vulnerable to intrusion, or further power loss. Each time there is Soul Loss due to trauma, shock, illnesses or other reasons, a part of our vital life force becomes detached from the ‘flock’ and is unavailable. The purpose of the shamanic soul retrieval is to gather back as much of our life force as possible in order to live this life to the greatest degree that we can as human beings.

A great read on Soul retrieval you find here

What is Divination

Divination is the art of seeking knowledge from sources  beyond the reaches of our own senses and experience.  People have historically sought help in this way for solving problems or finding the answers to important  life questions. There are countless forms of divination  practices known throughout the world. Some are shamanic  in nature, and others trace their origins to other  spiritual traditions. 

Shamanic divination is characterized by the direct solicitation  of help and information by the shaman from her or his spirit helpers and teachers. Shamans can ask for teaching for themselves, or on behalf of others in their community. This work is often done through journeying to the Spirit World, asking the question, and bringing back answers in the form of direct or metaphorical language. 



Shamanic inputs for your challenges


It is a way of reconnecting to the soul and purpose of the individual, team, organization, product or brand in the current context and aligning it to the desired future.

Everything starts with a clear purpose, drawing on inherent, natural strengths and principles that our societies have been using since ancient times. Working with a business challenges we not only utilize these ancient principles, but also draw upon our up to date understanding of business consultancy and change management strategies. By doing so we act as translators, catalyst and advocates, to bring the inherent potential to light and as such unleash aspired business success.

Our first step is always to tune into the system at question, honoring what is ongoing and understanding the perspective of the involved spirits. We then get in dialogue with them to find sustainable ways to transform roadblocks, to become’ unstuck’ and how the natural flow can be revitalized. By doing so, problems at stake solve themselves and the released energies levels foster sustainable solutions for the company / team / product moving forward.

Interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary exploratory sessions by calling +1-505-559-4442.

Mentor Your Spiritual Emergence


Where are you on your path? Are you on a path and feel not understood by most people arround you?  Do you just somehow have an idea / a sense and yet don't know exactly what & why but know it is?

I was there myself and my book Dare To Trust  - Spirits@Work recounts some of my crazy steps. Looking back I now understood so much more and want to be of support for kindered spirits. In ancient wisdom cultures it was understood that there were certain individuals whose craziness was a sign of passage into higher consciousness. It was known that such a person needed to be honored and supported in such a process to allow them to become an accomplished shaman, healer, or teacher, bringing back incredible gifts and blessings of wisdom for everyone.

"Though the temporary unbalance precipitated by such a crisis may resemble a nervous breakdown, it cannot be dismissed as such. For it is not a pathological phenomena but a normal event for the gifted mind in these societies, when struck by and absorbing the force of the realization of 'something far more deeply infused' inhabiting both the round earth and one's own interior." Ken Wilber, author

Next to individual work I'm in the process of setting up a regular group mentoring as being in a network and feeling that one is not alone is way more powerful then we in our very individualistic world are willing to acknowledge most of the time. Please contact me and lets chat about how to support you best.