Kathrinís monthly online Powwow

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This new offering builds on the North American tradition of a “Powwow” (/ˈpaʊwaʊ/), which on one hand is a ceremonial gathering involving feasting, singing and dancing and on the other hand is as word alos informally used ago call a conference or meeting to share and discussion, especially among friends and colleagues. More at: https://www.britannica.com/topic/powwow

A monthly shamanic inspired gathering of like-minded people where you’ll find:

I would love to use those monthly offering to come together, sit in a circle with kindred spirits and listen to our souls and spirits to what is there to be said. It will be spirit lead and each month you can expect some sharing and insights. The first one will be held on Jan 10th, and then every 2nd Monday of the month from 7 - 8 pm CET. 

Starting in 2022: every 2nd Monday of the month:

Jan 10th;  Feb 14th;  March 14th;  April 11th;  May 9th;   June 13th;  July 11th;  August 8th; Sept 12th ; Oct 10th ; Nov 14th  ; Dec 12th

Time: 19.00 -20.00 CET : 60 minutes online 

What you gain:

if you are intersted please contact me for price and access information here