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When NLP meets Shamanism - Model the experience October 2020

“Shamanism is the connecting of the ordinary world to the spiritual world or the world of spirit.”  

In NLP we would say a strong connection with the field.  

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Judith deLozier & Kathrin M. Wyss join forces for a unique workshop

This online Workshop series by Judith DeLozier and joint by Kathrin M. Wyss takes a look at shamanism through the lens of modeling. This joint workshop is designed to explore the world of shamanism through the filters of Neuro-linguistic Programming.  We can share experiences that point a finger in the direction of differences in perception, awareness, energy and our understanding of life. In our time together are using on one hand modeling to share descriptions of the different layers in the Shamanic cosmology, and on the other hand practices and rituals to dive in and experience the connection. The live session will feature introduction to theme, guided group practices, partner exercises and exchange of experiences in small groups. In-between the sessions you will have some homework assignment and we will have an exchange in a private Facebook group. 

Our guiding questions will be how we can utilize principles, rituals and the beliefs from many shamanic cultures in order to support us:

  • to release and let go
  • to recollect and expand
  • to focus and center
  • to be connected 



Please join us on Thursday's in October for sessions of 2.5 hours.

for registration please click here 

BASIC:  US $ 326.-*

  • DATES: Thursday Oct 1st , 8th  and 15th
  • TIME:  6.00-8.30 pm CET / 12.00 am-2.30 pm EST ( 9-11.30 am PST)

SURPLUS session  US $ 395 ( first 20 tickets for US $ 326.-)*

  • DATES: all dates as BASIC plus 4th session on Thursday Oct 22nd

On this Thursday Kathrin will guide you into the practice of shamanic soul journeying to meeting your spiritual allies such as power animal or teachers. Based on the number of participants there might be more than one session to secure a safe experience. If not other communicated, time will be same as other 3 sessions. 

Participants can register for solely the BASIC 3 sessions or all 4 from the start or book the 4th session separately once the training has started.

1st session only   $ 110.-*

  • For all those that like to get an idea but cannot join the other sessions, or if you don't know if It’s really for you, buy the 1st session as stand alone. 

for registration please click here

*In case you really like it, we can make an upgrade honoring the investment already made. 

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Please see the flyer for more details and to print out. (16.09.20, 1.2M)