Experience and understand spirituality in our NLP based workshops

Our aim is to introduce you to your own, enlivened spirituality in our workshops. We use tools and techniques from NLP, personal development and shamanisms to allow you your own experience by direct revelation. 

We offer most of our workshops in collaboration with other international teachers such as Judith DeLozier, Colette Normandeu or Tanja S. Rug, to broaden the description of techniques and allow different perspectives and exchanges to deepens your experience. Click on the different Tabs to learn more

All workshops listed are online and live only. We meet on Zoom and workshop recordings are only aviable for participants that missed a session.

Find here a short video that epxlain the difference between the two wotrkshops: When 'NLP meets Shamanism' and 'Return to Essence' 

When NLP meets Shamanism - with Judith DeLozier

Model the experience on February 18th/19th and 25/26th

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“Shamanism is the connecting of the ordinary world to the spiritual world or the world of spirit.”  

In NLP we would say a strong connection with the field.



This online Workshop series by Judith DeLozier and joint by Kathrin M. Wyss takes a look at shamanism through the lens of modeling. This joint workshop is designed to explore the world of shamanism through the filters of Neuro-linguistic Programming.  We can share experiences that point a finger in the direction of differences in perception, awareness, energy and our understanding of life. In our time together are using on one hand modeling to share descriptions of the different layers in the Shamanic cosmology, and on the other hand practices and rituals to dive in and experience the connection. The live session will feature introduction to theme, guided group practices, partner exercises and exchange of experiences in small groups. In-between the sessions you will have some homework assignment and we will have an exchange in a private Facebook group. 

Our guiding questions will be how we can utilize principles, rituals and the beliefs from many shamanic cultures in order to support us:

  • to release and let go
  • to recollect and expand
  • to focus and center
  • to be connected 



Please join us in the 2nd half of Febrary on Thursday/Fridays - twice in a row for sessions of 2.5 hours.

for registration please click here 

BASIC:  early bird extended till Jan 10th  - US $ 326.-  / regular price US $ 396.-

  • DATES: Feb 18th/19th and Feb 25th/26th  - Thus and Fri 2 weeks in a row
  • TIME:  6.00-8.30 pm CET / 12.00 am-2.30 pm EST ( 9-11.30 am PST)

On the last Thursday Kathrin will guide you into the practice of shamanic soul journeying to meeting your spiritual allies such as power animal or teachers.  

1st session only   $ 110.-*

  • For all those that like to get an idea but cannot join the other sessions, or if you don't know if It’s really for you, buy the 1st session as stand alone. 

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*In case you really like it, we can make an upgrade honoring the investment already made. 

Please see the flyer for more details and to print out. (14.12.20, 3.1M)

RETURN TO ESSENCE with Colette Normandeau - Feb 3rd, 4th, 17th and March 3rd and 4th

Shamanism, NLP and Spirituality to reconnect with your essence and the fullness of your BEING


This workshop will guide you to awaken the divine within, to listen to the wisdom of your soul and your spirit guides, to find a state of inner unity, to be empowered and connected to your sacred self and ultimately be a beacon of hope and light that serves life, humanity and all those around you.

We meet on 5 days for 3 hours each (Feb 3rd, 4th, 17th and March 3rd and 4th) with starting time at 7 pm CET / 1 pm EDT

In the weeks in-between we offer additional events such as a drum circle or a soul circle to deepen your experience. Those circles are 75 min long with Starting time 7 pm CET / 1 pm EDT.    

Dates: Feb 10th for the drum circle and Feb 24th for the Soul Circle 


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In these times, you are invited to answer the call and find your connection with your BEING, your power and your joy of living. This is a unique opportunity to take care of what is the most beautiful, authentic and sacred within yourself. This is a time to align it all with the divine strength and wisdom of nature and life. WELCOME to the journey.

for registration click here - for questions please contact Kathrinbizshamancom

Early Bird until January 20th - € 395.50 (offical price €485.50)


  • Reconnect with your essence and your Source
  • Learn to listen to yourself
  • Activate and trust your intuition
  • Widen your perspectives of life and see various dimensions of the field and the greater system
  • Learn rituals that can support you in your evolution and connection to your Source
  • Express your inner beauty and sacredness of your being


Shamanism is a practice that incorporates knowledge, skills and attitudes in a holistic and integrative way from various elements such as religion, healing, magic and mysticism, while highlighting physical and spiritual life. The shaman navigates between different states of consciousness and accesses various realities to bring healing, power and information. The shaman communicates with the elements of nature, spirits, ancestors, ascended masters and many other entities that have no physical body on this earth. He is "the one who sees with and from the heart " so that everyone can be ALL they are meant to BE.


Spirituality is living connected to oneself, one's authentic being, one's heart and soul. It is also connected to what is beyond self and greater than oneself. It is a movement of elevation and expansion of consciousness that makes it possible to transcend limits and blockages of our human and material dimension.

See Flyer for more detailed information (29.12.20, 1.1M)